Carey Conservation and Sportsmans Assn.

Hunters Education Classes

Congratulations to the 2016 Findlay Trap League !!
The Findlay Trap League TOP GUN Shawn Hetzel !!

Great Job Gentlemen !!

Oct 29th
Come join us for a day of activities on Oct 29th for the kid's Halloween party ! 2-4 trick or treat in campgrounds , rides after adults Halloween party at 8pm

Dec 3rd
Doors open at 6pm Gun raffle 5 gun meat raffle get your tickets today ! Want to get in the fun ? Let us know ! Open to the public

Next dinner TBA

Bingo 2nd Saturday of every month 4pm to 6pm

If there are any past members you would like to have recognized on our page. Please send a message !

We Accept Debt and Credit Cards